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by Hanna L. Farha

We all heard of Santa Claus.
But you probably never heard of Santa Paws...


“My Wildest


by Hanna L. Farha

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by Hanna L. Farha

Coming Soon...


Who is Hanna L. Farha?

About Hanna


Hanna L Farha is an award-winning Writer- Illustrator and Entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. She writes speculative fiction novels and Screenplays, and illustrates graphic novels, and creates contemporary artworks. Her main demographics are teens and young adults. However she always aims to make her work entertaining for all ages.


What do people think of Hanna L. Farha? 

What a great book for children (Santa Paws). The illustrations are amazing, and the story is well thought out. Both my children love it.

Google Book Reviewer

"Hanna has a rich imagination, and amazing story ideas. She covers a variety of genres, from fantasy (the Dragon River trilogy), historical fiction (The Wandering Lily), and nonfiction. She’s a writer with passion and joy, and this shows in her stories. Her characters are well developed and you feel as though you're reading about real people. Hanna is a great person to be around, full of spirit, kindness, and a general sense of fun. She encourages her friends in whatever subject they're interested in, and is a steady friend.”

Mia Mercy

"Hanna’s writing is very professional. As a game developer I really admire her skills and action-adventure stories. They are one of the many inspirations for my own action-adventure games".

Robert F (RJF Entertainment)

What story is Hanna L. Farha working on now? 

Books and screenplays in the works